New to Lego?

Are you new to Lego? So am I!

I created this blog for one reason. I want to track my progress as I begin building with Lego, in an attempt to become a master builder with these Lego pieces!

Dark Ages

Like many people, I played with Lego as a kid, and really enjoyed it. I remember pirates, castles, and space ships. However, eventually I stopped. I don’t remember why, or even when. But one day, I put down my Lego pieces for what would be the very last time. Apparently, this is a common period in many people’s lives, and is referred to as the Dark Ages.


Then, as an adult, I saw the Lego Movie. Later, I saw a Netflix series, The Toys That Made Us. A part of me thought it would be really fun to be able to build lots of awesome creations with Lego pieces. So I did. I decided to start a journey that would lead me to becoming a building master – or – Master of the Brick.

This Blog

This blog will follow my journey as I begin to learn how to build better with Lego, from my first fledgling build to something truly (and hopefully) marvelous. Thank you for joining me on this path – together we can uncover the (apparently) massive world of Lego, and become better builders together!