Story And Lego

Why do people crowd around big Lego builds?

This is a question that I have been thinking about recently. It is a question born out of ignorance, and at first I couldn’t come up with a strong answer. Is it just because of the massive size or complexity of the creation? Are the viewers all super-into Lego, and can’t help but marvel at the masterpiece in front of them? Is there nothing better to do?

After some reading about convention creations, and listening to a few interviews, I think any of the above answers may apply. But there is another answer that seems a lot more common.

Story and Lego

People love stories. And when people love to build Lego, their creation will often tell one, or more than one, story. As a viewer of these creations, it seems like it would be very fun to discover them!

Take this photo as an example. It’s a Lego city with some cool towers. It’s very big, sprawling, complex, and expensive, among other things. These might be reasons why people are lined up around the table taking a look.

But there seem to be a lot of stories involved with this creation. Notice the headless horseman next to the ambulance. Check out the Toy Story alien on the roof of the red building. I think I even see Superman, encountering a villain, on another rooftop. I would imagine each of these details tells a story. That is where the crowds come from – taking the time to discover the stories.

Creating a Story

After I realized people will often use Lego to tell tell stories, I got very excited. I had already created a small story of Rose in her exploration vehicle, and how it flooded! Adding more to the story was absolutely something I wanted to do.

I had planned on building an octopus from the set I purchased. However, that octopus was designed as a cooky chef. That was cool, but I was looking for an angry octopus!

Attack of the Octopus!

Here is what I ended up building. I built the octopus, and switched the eyes best I could to make them seem angry (smaller eye pieces, downward facing eyebrows). I then built a tree that I’m not super proud of, and added a few more accessories that Rose dug up from her ocean exploration. I set up the picture so that Rose seemed as if she was enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows – but she was interrupted! The angry octopus had come to return what she stole, back to the depths of the ocean!

It’s nothing like some of the other images I linked, but I am pretty happy with what I was able to build. The eyes of the octopus, though a simple change, are what I am probably most proud of. The tree is what I’m least proud of, and I will have to try again at some point. Either way, it was very enjoyable to build! I wonder if Rose will escape, and what will be the result of her ocean exploration?


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