What Is a Lego Mod

Last Post I mentioned how there is a whole world of Lego that I never realized existed. Well, I learned something new!

What Is A Mod

I found out that a mod is a modification or remix on an official Lego design. The idea is that someone can build a design, then modify it slightly to give it an alternate look. I thought this was pretty exciting, and probably a challenge – so I took up the challenge and decided that for my second build, I would modify my orange exploration vehicle.

Originally I was going to add some design modifications to the exploration vehicle. But then I decided that it might be more fun to have the mod represent a bit of story with Rose and her exploration. To help me get started, I decided to start with an often repeated line I used when I was younger…

…disaster struck!

Rose was happily enjoying a short exploration on the bottom of the ocean, when disaster struck! Her vehicle sprung a leak!

It was quick thinking, a calm presence of mind in the face of danger, and extensive training in safety protocols that saved Rose. She was able to quickly get into her wetsuit, and then calmly wait until the water pressure inside of her vehicle was the same outside. Of course by then the vehicle was full of water! She was able to get to the surface, then with great effort and some inflatables, get her vehicle back to the surface as well.

My Mod

I opened the green bag in my set and added some seaweed looking pieces to a few different parts of the vehicle. Mainly, I took off the back flame and front cone, and replaced those with greenery, then added just a few other green parts. Since I decided the vehicle was flooded, I opened the blue bag and used the blue pieces to make it seem like Rose just opened the door, to let the water out.

I think that I did an okay job with what I had – some imagination is necessary to see the water being drained from the vehicle. There are probably many better ways to represent what I was going for, but as long as I can find one, I think I am doing just fine. It’s just my second build – and it’s a journey, not a race!

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