Dipping A Toe – My First Lego Purchase

After I decided that I wanted to “get into” Lego building, I realized I didn’t have any pieces, and I hadn’t bought any pieces for two decades – or possibly ever!

Thinking back to my years as a young one, I remember walking the shelves of our local K-Mart, and seeing the different sets. I was always drawn to the medieval and fantasy sets. But I can’t explicitly remember buying any myself. I know I spent money on other things, and I know I had Lego pieces…maybe I just got them as presents.

If I was going to try to become a builder, I would have to buy some pieces. So I headed to my local Target.

Too Many Choices

I was quickly overwhelmed, walking up and own more than an aisle’s worth of Lego sets. There was Lego Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, Lego Elves, and so much more! I had planned on buying a small, cheap (ha!) set that could afford a quick build, but also give me some options for creations of my own. The problem was, I didn’t know where to start. It quickly dawned on me that maybe I should have done some research – which seems almost silly – but is true.

A quick Google Search might have been the way to go, but my daughter was in my arms so I had to make a snap decision. I saw this blue box (on sale, score!) with a big question mark, and all sorts of colored pieces. It seemed like a good collection starter, and was within my price restriction. I settled with it on the purchase, and headed up to pay.

Of course, on the way, I saw several other Lego possibilities, from these small star wars ships to what was basically a collectible figure pack. I did my best to ignore any impulse purchases, and succeeded!

Heading Home

On the way home, I wondered what would be my next steps. Lunch with my daughter, then some cleaning around the house, of course. But somewhere in the afternoon, I would have time to build with Lego pieces for the first time in two decades. A small sense of wonder, or awe, tickled at me. What would I build? Castle walls? A space ship? A truck? I realized that it could be anything – anything!

That realization is what brought me back to Lego today. I can’t wait to get started!

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