Story And Lego

Why do people crowd around big Lego builds? This is a question that I have been thinking about recently. It is a question born out of ignorance, and at first I couldn’t come up with a strong answer. Is it just because of the massive size or complexity of the creation? Are the viewers all […]

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What Is a Lego Mod

Last Post I mentioned how there is a whole world of Lego that I never realized existed. Well, I learned something new! What Is A Mod I found out that a mod is a modification or remix on an official Lego design. The idea is that someone can build a design, then modify it slightly […]

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I Built…This!

I had time in the afternoon to build something, so I did! The set I purchased came with a book of instructions. It had a preview page showing a number of different things that could be built. It appears that some of them had to be looked up online, though a few came with instructions […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining! I haven’t built anything with Lego pieces in decades. But now, I want to. Join me on my journey and quest to become an adequate, or good, or very good, or maybe even a master builder of the bricks!

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